Many of the books I read are parts of a series - usually, but not always, mystery series.
I'd like to try to complete some of the series - some I have no intention of revisiting.
This blog is a way for me to keep a record of the books I've read and the ones I've yet to try.
And anyway, I've always loved making lists.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jeanne M. Dams: The Dorothy Martin Mysteries

Main Character: Dorothy Martin, retired American school teacher
Setting: England

Bold type indicates a book I've read.
  1. The Body in the Transept (1996)
  2. Trouble in the Town Hall (1996)
  3. Holy Terror in the Hebrides (1997)
  4. Malice in Miniature (1998)
  5. The Victim in Victoria Station (1999)
  6. Killing Cassidy (2000)
  7. To Perish in Penzance (2001)
  8. Sins Out of School (2003)
  9. Winter of Discontent (2004)
  10. A Dark and Stormy Night (2011)
  11. The Evil That Men Do (2012) 
  12. The Corpse Of St. James's (2012) 
  13. Murder at the Castle (2013) 
  14. Shadows of Death (2013) 
  15. Day of Vengeance (2014) 
  16. The Gentle Art of Murder (2015) 
  17. Blood Will Tell (2016) 
  18. Smile and Be a Villain (2016)
  19. The Missing Masterpiece (2017) 


  1. I love Jeanne Dams. I don't hear many people talk about her. Love those hats on the cover.

  2. Me too! I have read several of the books, unfortunately out of sequence, but I am going down the list and finishing those left to read in order. I just finished Holy Terror in the Hebrides . It was very good and in her typically lovely style. Malice in Miniature is next to me calling my name.


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